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Published by: Ronald Jeffery on 11-Jan-19

This Blog is my first Blog Posting.

It is for people who would like to know the truth fo a change about Diet, Disease, Nutrition and Weight and the known cause of many Cancers.

This blog is mainly about “Cancer” and more to the point “Completely Preventable Man Made Cancers”

And the decades of completely preventable everyday man made health problems that are ‘Natures’ way of telling you that there are tough times ahead if you don’t stop listening to the authorities as in Governments and Science and the Medical Profession and the Pharmaceutical Companies and the media about Health and Diet and Cancer and a whole heap of other stuff that will blow your mind, and does just that as well!

Learn some hard earned Cancer SecretsDiscovered by 2 X Man Made Cancer victims!

I have written a Unique 1 Off" True Life 71 Page E-Book on How 2 ordinary people woke up to the causes of 30 years of endless Health Problems that led to what they now know are, completely preventable, end stage "Man Made Cancers"

And because of their discoveries, have survived and have enjoyed a healthy life for 22 years now, without a useless Drug in site!

Common everyday deadly Cancers that happen from the womb until whenever in life... Cancers which it is known by 2 little old people are” The biggest Government, scientific, Medical and Pharmaceutical and media cons on earth!

Anyone can learn how to prevent a minefield of the everyday health and weight problems that are ‘Natures’ way of telling you that Cancer is coming or that just maybe, it is already there… And that just maybe as it was in our case, it’s more likely than not it’s already been there and has already been there for probably around about 20 odd years or so!

If you are interested in getting some exclusive life changing inside information about how to prevent and even cure a minefield of health and weight problems then" Send $67AU to

In return you will receive my 71 Page E-Book that explains how we worked out what it is about Health and Cancer that the authorities are so desperate to prevent the general public from finding out about Diet and Disease and Weight Problems and Cancer prevention!

Once your money is received you will get a link sent to you by Email by me as soon as it is humanly possible, that will give you access to our Story and our discoveries that will change anyone’s life for the better, if they decide to take any notice that is! All of which is guaranteed to prevent many, many Health Problems and Cancers… But only if it’s not already too damn late that is!

Once upon a time we thought that all these authorities were ignoring us and our findings because they were all stupid…

But now after being ignored for just 1 time to many and over 1 decade to long... We now realize that they are not stupid, but are completely corrupt instead!

Send $67AU to and learn some real facts of life that were discovered the hardest way of all by 2 still surviving, completely preventable "Man Made Cancer victims!

By Ronald F Jeffery

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